Friday, August 7, 2009

Week 1: What is Bible Bashing

INTRO TO BB (Bible Bashing)

I joke that I have a titanium, or carbon fiber reinforced cover on my bible. While this seems to be designed for bible bashing, its more my shield, when people try to shoot me for my faith.

I was also bible bashed literally by a gay friend (you know who you are), with my own bible. He was saying, "its all about love," whacking me repeatedly on the head with my own bible. One of the funniest and most memorable events in my life. He had a smile on his face when he did it, so did I.

So bible bashing can be complicated, but maybe valuable too.
Check out this great BB, the "brick testament."

The "Brick Testament" at Geekology
The Complete Brick Testament

Bible Bashing is that idea of trying to convert people, we call those who do it "bible bashers." Sometimes, it is used as a joke word for Christians generally. Unfortunately many people who are labelled bible bashers, are not that conversant with the bible.

I enjoyed watching MC Hammer the rap artist preach at a church in Sydney some years ago, primarily about his failures as a husband and his journey to Christ. One thing he pointed out, was how poorly the church understood the bible. He challenged the church (about a thousand people) about a scripture. Not one person answered. His point was made:

How can we talk about Jesus, if we don't know, or understand His words in the bible. We're not very good bible bashers.

See MC Hammer's testimony (how he became a believer in Jesus) at YouTube.
Part 1 - Part2
Also checkout Harlem's HipHop Church if you can find the link : )
And Christian Hip Hop at Wikipedia

So like Europeans in Australia who have owned the insult wog, as in the film "The Wogboy." Or believers who took ownership of the early insult, the term "Christians," as some claim. I will own the insult of "bible basher" and give it some meaning now in this 5 weekly blog.

The Wogboy at IMDB



Week 2. The Many Meanings of Bible Bashing: we will look at these and others:
  • Bible Bash- a meeting of people around the bible
  • Bible Bash- to hit someone with a bible
  • Bible Bash- to explain our need and the good news (gospel) of Jesus Christ
  • Bible Basher- a Christian who goes to church
  • Bible Bash- when we Bash ourselves up by not heeding the Bible
  • Bible Bash- when we thump the bible because of our frustration
  • Bible Bashing- evangelism, bashing up sin through Jesus' words
Week 3. Better Bible Bashing: Headbanging is not bible bashing , but cushioning your head with a bible can avoid brain damage. More so, cushioning and strengthening your being with God's words in the bible can prevent eternal damage. So its good to bash your head against the bible rather than a wall, or your being bashing against the open gates of hell. In this study we will look at:
  • What is the Bible and what is its purpose ?
  • Active soul protection with the bible
  • What the bible says about casting your cares upon the Lord ?
Week 4. Bashing the Bible is Bashing Jesus: Yes you can bash Jesus, it happened once before in history, we even nailed Him to a cross. We do it every day, when we disregard His words in the bible, every God-breathed word of scripture. Bashing Jesus then makes us bash other people too. In this study we will look at:
  • How to read the bible
  • Obeying Jesus' words in scripture for His life, love and truth
  • A pointer to two way empathy- God with us -True love-shalom
Week 5. Bible Bashing- The Art: The point of bible bashing is that a person absorbs God somehow into them. Hitting someone with a bible might achieve this, as my gay friend demonstrated. Better than this though, we should bash ourselves with the book. And more than this do what it says. With this, God is the only one who can do any of these things. We will look at:
  • Discerning and Judging scripture and using scripture
  • Cutting away the bad stuff and tenderising through bashing
  • From Bible as Idol to God as Real


  1. Can you simply live God's love in your life without Bible bashing?

  2. You can't love a person without bible bashing, because love is The Bible, Is Jesus, Is The Spirit. Bashing might not be the best analogy. Maybe it should be bible warring. Ephesians 6 call the Sword of The Spirit, The Word of God. Why do we need armour, a sword ? Its a battle sister.

    The question is, what are we fighting ?

    When Jesus says, "I have come to bring fire on the earth and I wish it were already kindled...not peace but a's enemies will be the members of one's family," what's He saying ?

    The things that unify us falsely. the things that block us from God need to be cut, need to be burned as the chaff they are, that God can commune with us. division from what distracts, brings communion with God.

    God is scary, strong, mighty, the sustainer, creator and ruler of the universe. Anything that competes with His desire, his love, his desire for our friendship, will be burnt.

    Then we can have peace in and with Him. the love. This isn't just some happy, happy joy, lovy dovy thing ! For him it was a violent, death on the cross and rising breaking open the death for those who take what He gives in His love, a gift. An offering of eternal peace.

    This is more than a mono-emotion. Its the words of pain, power, hope and massive frustration of our God, breaking into our worlds with drama, of heavenly proportions.

    The devil can do the act of love. What we have is bigger. There is nothing our God cannot do.

    And yes we can manifest His peace and love. But this is not all of it. Our Spirit Groans within us for more. We hunger for our Lord to still free us, to consummate what is now a downpayment of the Spirit. While this is amazing, that God would live within us now, there is much more to come.

    A shorter answer: Simply living God's love in your life is still bible bashing. Its just a form of it. This life, still comes from the bible, and Jesus who it points to : ))